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Mad Paws
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Multi European Platform

AlmoNature is an Italian brand of pet food produced with natural ingredients.

Six members of the A2Design team are currently working with AlmoNature to develop the main site backend (WordPress) and frontend (React.js).

The company has been popular in Europe for more than 20 years. Now it's getting a brand-new unique marketing project developed by the A2 Design Team which will bring the brand into the digital space.

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Mad Paws
A Pet Sitting Community

MadPaws is a Sydney-based pet services startup. 6 members of the A2 Design team are currently working with the Mad Paws team to develop the main site backend (Laravel framework), frontend, blog (WordPress CMS), and mobile applications (Ionic framework).

Raised $5 million of investments through Series A funding from investors including Qantas, and Airtasker CEO Tim Fung.

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Jewelry Quote Tool

Boost up custom Jewelry Quote Tool is a great illustration of how technologies can enhance and boost up your business.

Our customer has a family jewelry business and strives to optimise costs by giving the most precise price of customized, handmade jewelry items.

The main idea was to substitute all the employee-made calculations with a program that will serve as an automatic quote tool to produce the most accurate price of a customised product according to client’s criteria requests.

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Cake PHPAgileBackbone.jsHTML5
Document Management System

The Shredex System was designed to build a paperless business automation system that helps businesses to efficiently manage and automate their business.

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Cake PHPjQueryResponsiveAgile
Social media hub platform

A SaaS platform that allows businesses and individuals to create social hubs in minutes.

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Tours and activity services

Sightsy is a US-based tours and activity services startup. 8 members of the A2 Design team is currently working with Sightsy to develop the main site backend (Laravel framework) and frontend.

Moreover, A2 design has programmed a special App for integration of payment device supported by C#.

This App is created to support organizations in their mission to provide their audience with information and services necessary to maximize their experience in all areas of the city.

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Our Approach

Your success
is our success

If you grow your business, we grow ours.

Our efforts are 100% focused on delivering products that help you achieve your business goals at the lowest cost and in the quickest time. We’re in it together: The better your final website, the more impressive our portfolio.

Build, release, repeat...

Communicate your vision and we’ll get straight to work. We know that nobody gets the requirements for their website or app right the first time. We don’t believe in developing rigid plans that leave no room for changes and no room for error. We believe in an Agile and flexible approach. If you change your mind about what you want, no big deal—we’ll change with you.

Launch fast, stay lean

Developing and launching a new website doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of time. Developers today have amazing technologies at their fingertips that allow them to build web and mobile applications quickly and effectively.

The sooner you launch, the sooner you will collect feedback from early adopters, and the sooner you can refine your product into something that earns serious money.

Who does what

You do

Come up with grand idea

Prioretize features


Latest POSTS

We do together

Brainstorm on implementation

Decide what iteration will include

We do

Estimate features

Design and build 1 iteration

Set up server and deploy the system


Different phase, different skills

Delivering great startups requires a special mix of skills. Every member of our team is smart and talented in his or her own right. But it’s when we work together as a team that the really powerful stuff happens.

Through using the right skills at each stage of the project, we keep things lean, efficient, and effective. We have exactly what it takes to make sure your project is a resounding success.

Our current set up

3 co-founders manage the company
1 person brings in new clients
2 people manage projects
18 people develop amazing web apps
3 people assure quality

Business-minded nerds

When you’re on the lookout for a design agency that can bring your vision to reality, you need a team who have been there and done that. We’ve built our business on bringing the visions of entrepreneurs to life, and we’ve learned one or two things along the way. Our Agile development process is specifically designed to make the most of the vast knowledge and libraries we’ve put together through our experiences of launching hundreds of startups.

We may be nerds at heart who like to spend our spare time engaging in open source projects, attending the type of conferences that are frequented by geeks and networking with the development community, but we’re also business professionals. We don’t just crank out code; we’re here to build the best work of our careers.

Great English Skills

The English language is not the first language of most of our guys. But we’re working on it.

English tutor visits our office a few times a week to help us ramp up our English skills. Don’t worry though; we always have English-speaking experts on hand if you want to get in touch.


Most of our clients are goal oriented and have a firm idea
about what they want to achieve at different stages of the projects.
We’re here to bring those ideas to reality.
The majority of our customers live in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia,
with a few exceptions of course.
If you’re an entrepreneur who is working hard to bring a vision to life,
you’ll know that there is no such thing as nine to five.
Because we work remotely with our customers,
you may sometimes need to talk to us early in the morning or evening.
The great thing about our setup though is that we
really are doing all the hard work while you sleep.


We wanted to automate our business and reduce administrative costs. A2 Design developed multiple components for us: Sales CRM, mobile drivers app, invoicing and dispatching modules, and much more. A2 used agile approach to cater for our ever-changing and growing needs and developed a software that allowed us to face everyday challenges! They were very helpful so the project was very successful.

John Estrada

First of all I'm very satisfied. Words can not express my satisfaction and the professional work from Alex, the head of A2 Design Team. But not only the work was superb, the contact, the conversations, the UNDERSTANDING and the good portion of humanity was the key to successful job. Next time I don't need to look, I already found the right person for every job. RESPECT!

Very fast and effective work, met all my expectations and much more. A very competent team, who I definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much!

Andrew Hersch