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Scarf: How to fold, match and wear

There is a simple accessory that can bring an instant upgrade to the look with blazer, suit or costume: the pocket handkerchief , called pocket square in English. Today I will talk a little about how to fold, combine and use this piece that, although old, has had a revival in recent times and is with everything again.

First of all, on what occasions should you wear a handkerchief? The answer is simple: whenever you want to raise your style . Do not think it serves only formal occasions with a suit. You can adopt it also with blazer, in a more relaxed way.

If you pay attention to the red carpet, you will notice that many guys wear  scarves on their tuxedos . But on Instagrams and street style blogs the accessory is also present, creating a perfect pair with the blazer.

In a suit or blazer, on a formal or casual occasion  , there is always room for the pocket square in the look. The question is how to combine it the right way. And that’s something I’ll explain next.

The rule of thumb:  do not wear a scarf like your tie . It will look like you bought the two in one set – and that’s probably what happened. The purpose of the scarf is to add some interesting color or texture to the look.

If you want to play safe, borrow a color from another piece , such as the shirt or the tie itself. But with a different tone to exist contrast. For example, is the tie navy blue? Go in a blue-blue handkerchief. Manding patterns are released as well.

Or bet on the white handkerchief , an infallible classic. This is an ideal choice for an occasion that demands a lot of formality and seriousness , like a wedding or a graduation.

In short, there is no exact science behind this combination. It’s all about taste . If you’re feeling comfortable with the handkerchief you put on, that’s because you got it right.


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5 interesting ways to wear scarves

  • Infinite Loop

If you do not want to lose style in or out of the office, the scarf with infinite bow tie is what you should wear. Loose turns will protect you from the outside wind and you will not suffocate when you are in a warm place.

  • Fallen bow

Fallen lace is the right style to wear with leggings. Drop one of the long ends to the leg and complete the look with a high heel!

  • European

The European tie with a plaid scarf gives a casual British look and also will protect it from the cold. With jeans and low shoes, you’re ready to have tea with your friends. Do not forget to complement with accessories!

  • Basic

A thick knit scarf laced with the basic lace is the perfect choice to protect you from the cold. And it blends perfectly with all kinds of coats.

  • Shawl

You have a party, but have you worn the dress before? Renew your style by adding a shawl type scarf and no one will notice that you are wearing the same outfit. The choice of the model and the color is the key not to disagree.


Interesting: Tips For Using The Scarf

The scarf is a super democratic piece, after all it is possible to combine it with almost any kind of piece, besides there is a huge possibility of ways to use it, that is, you can use it loose, take a few turns, simple knot, among other options. In addition, you have the option to choose models of various colors and sizes and can combine them with a little creativity.

Wearing the scarf with high-necked sweaters: Many people believe that it is totally unfeasible to match the turtleneck sweaters with the scarf. However, it is valid to say that the combination can happen, as long as you avoid leaving the part of the neck with more volume still, that is, in this case you should leave the scarf loose on your shoulders.

Scarf with many moorings: If you like to vary the moorings and prefer to always give many laps in your scarf, know that the finest models are the most indicated because you can always use it differently and without letting your neck appear to be bandaged.

Fair smocks and scarf: One of the easiest combinations between the accessory and another garment is to combine it with the tighter blouses, since they allow the volume to be checked in another location, without leaving your look too heavy .

Choosing the colors of the scarf: As you know the accessory can be found in the most diverse colors, so if you intend to invest in the scarf worth investing in colors beyond the basics, but if your style is a bit more traditional, start choosing the most basic tonalities, since they allow a greater number of combinations.

The purpose of the scarf: Before choosing the most suitable model you should keep in mind an issue: Why do you want to wear the scarf? If the scarf is used with the accessory function, you can choose models with lighter fabrics. However, if the scarf’s function is really warm, you prefer the wool versions, since in addition to leaving your look more beautiful, they will comply with what they promise.

How to lengthen the neck: If you have a smaller neck or a little chubby and want to disguise, opt for the models with less volume, ie models of cotton or finer wool.

Disguising the volume: The scarf can not only disguise the volume of the neck, but can help you if you have a hip and / or buttock a little more and want to mitigate the effect. The tip is that you try to draw attention to your upper part, ie invest in more bulky scarves, which can also be worn can inside the coat. Also, choosing a dark shade piece to the bottom can also make all the difference.